About Us


 Ads On Magnets was founded in 2012 after a large number of our retail customers requested customized products.  Our parent company is Master Magnetics and they were founded in 1976.  We are located in beautiful Castle Rock, CO in our 100,000 sq ft building complex.  You may have seen many of our products in stores like Home Depot, True Value, Ace Hardware, and many others.  We truly are the magnet experts!


How we sell


We sell exclusively through the Ad Specialty network and value our relationships with our distributors.  We do verify all PO's for industry credentials and will not accept orders from out of the network.  



Printing on Magnets


We use digital CMYK with UV printing for most processes.  We also use domed epoxy labels on the industrial products to ensure great branding.  Magnets do not play well with print equipment so it is little tricky to brand many of our items.  Make sure you ask us how we brand if you have any questions.  


Magnet Experts


Our parent company generally has over 20 million magnets in stock at any time.  With the current world conditions this has been tougher to maintain but we are well stocked on many items.  All we sell are magnets so we do know how to recommend the right solution for your project. 

Not all flexible printed magnets are manufactured the same way.  Many companies still print on a vinyl or plastic material and then apply to plain magnet.   This is why you see many different thicknesses in magnets.  The magnet manufacturers really sell the same magnet thickness to all customers but it does cause confusion when seeing different size magnets when comparing costs.  Be aware if you see cheap advertised pricing and ask many questions to make sure you get what you pay for.  


We are here to help you and if we can not do your project we will find a company who might be able to assist you.  



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