How Can a Magnet Save Your Life?

  • Jul 18, 2017

As an ad specialty supplier that exclusively sells magnetic products, we understand the functionality of our products. These are not just novelty items, but instead great promotional pieces that also serve a purpose. Magnets are more than just organizational tools, they can also save your life! The versatility and portability of magnets make them perfect for displaying important information and serve as communication tools.

Many people choose to display medical information on their refrigerators so that EMTs can quickly learn information about the patient, including emergency contacts, allergies, and blood type. Our emergency medical File of Life magnet is a double-sided card that is protected by, and easily removable from, a clear plastic magnetic pocket. Rather than trying to put a loose paper with this information on your fridge, risking it being lost or damaged, our all-in-one product is a safe and convenient File of Life. Having this information protected and visible can be crucial in an emergency situation.

We also offer our Quick Lockdown School Magnet. In the event of a school lockdown, teachers are able to quickly use this magnet to lock their doors and securely communicate with first responders as to whether their classroom needs assistance in an emergency situation. Since most schools have automatically-locking doors when closed, the magnet can be kept over the lock plate during normal school hours so that the door can be closed without auto-locking; the teacher can quickly remove the magnet from the lock plate, place the magnet horizontally, and close the door so it can be locked. One end of the magnet is now visible from outside the classroom. Our standard Quick Lockdown Magnet has one side in green that reads “All Clear”, and the other side in red that reads “Need Assistance”. The combination of color and text on this magnet enables first responders to quickly assess and respond to the situation.

We enjoy showing our customers the practicality of our products and are proud to offer magnets with an even greater purpose, keeping us safe!


Click to view our File of Life Emergency Medical Magnet or our Quick Lockdown Magnet!


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