Name Badges: The Lasting Impression

  • Dec 14, 2018


Magnetic name badges are becoming increasingly popular and Ads On Magnets is proud to offer a unique variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Businesses want badges to reflect their company, industry, and promotional message. Providing distributors with the leading badge sizes while also offering wide selection of materials and shapes, allows end-users to be able to choose a name badge that aligns with their business while maintaining imprint and magnetic integrity.

We use a direct UV ink for our imprint method. This digital print is fast, cost-effective, and results in a superior imprint. Our sophisticated CMYK printers produce vibrant colors with exceptional clarity and readability. The badge sizes that we offer also have optimal imprint areas to feature a standard logo, name, and variable information – all in full color!            

A strong magnetic backing is included with all of our badges. While we are happy to include this secure backing, it’s important to understand that magnetic name badges may be dangerous to some end-users with pacemakers. If any of the recipients have a pacemaker, we do have a pin backing option so that they can still have matching badges, but worn in a safe manner! Just indicate on the order which names need a pin backing and our production team will be happy to use that substitute!



A name badge order is slightly more complex than most because the imprint is almost always different across all units. That could mean ten different names and titles, or it could mean five hundred! The main logo and secondary line information might remain the same, but ensuring that all names are included and spelled correctly is our priority when fulfilling these orders. In addition to ensuring accurate logo and colors, the proof on a badge order should be used by the distributor and their client to  also verify name inclusion and spelling. It’s a great opportunity to find any errors and let us know before proceeding to production. Remember, the proof also shows proportion so an approved proof will print exactly how it appears. Please note that waiving a proof for name badges is not recommended because a rush order delivered on time is rendered useless when the client discovers their name misspelled on the badge.  

Sample Proof Approval Form


The way in which we package our name badges is deliberate and specialized because distribution of badges is also different than other orders. We package badges back to back, alternating orientation based on the magnetic backing’s polarization. We have had a few distributors contact us regarding scratched badges, and after many creative attempts, the only way we were able to replicate scratching on our plastic badges was to put paper, such as a sticky note, on top of the surface, and then write on that paper, thus creating pen scratches on the surface of the badge. It is quite common for someone to receive the full shipment of badges and then be in charge of distributing them to departments or even separate locations. Badges may be organized into different piles and one may wish to put a note on each stack indicating where those badges need to go. Some times distributors or end-users ship batches of badges to their final locations after receiving our original shipment. Although it is done with good intentions, writing directly on the badges through paper may result in small scratches on the material. If the distributor or client will be repackaging any of the badges for reshipment, it is also important to pack with soft materials and to magnetically stack the badges face to face to keep them protected.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional magnetic products, and continue to offer unique magnetic name badges that our distributors and their clients continue to rely on and trust. Name badges have an important place in the promotional products industry and we’re happy to offer a range of materials, shapes, and sizes. Ads On Magnets is here to help you through the process to achieve the perfect name badge option for your customer!


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