Our Year in Review

  • Dec 1, 2017


2017 has been a whirlwind of a year! We moved into our new building November 2016 and have enjoyed the 5000 square feet of space it has provided for our printers, cutter, production, and warehouse space.  We started our trade show year off with the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January and ASI Orlando in February, reconnecting with and meeting our amazing distributors. We were excited to feature our Magnetic Eyeglass Holder at these shows, and have been pleased with the feedback and interest we've received since! Our most popular 2017 products that we premiered at the beginning of the year were our Domed Ceramic Magnets. These have been marketable across many industries including automotive, industrial, and even medical! Combining the industrial raw magnet with an elegant domed decal makes them ideal for both office and warehouse alike. 

We attended the fASIlitate show right here in Denver in March and the Promo Marketing power meetings in Scottsdale in October. These one-on-one meetings are so beneficial to our company, current and potential distributors, and, in turn, their clients. It gives us the unique opportunity to present our magnets and our technical knowledge, while providing a glimpse into the complex world of magnets. We are happy to share this knowledge so that our distributors can make the best buying decisions when presented with the myriad of magnet choices in our industry. The reception we get and connections we make at these meetings have inspired us to replicate their format and meet with some of our distributors in person in the coming year.  

For 2018, we want to develop more relationships with our distributors to be on their preferred supplier list.  We plan to make more field visits to our distributors and make sure we are providing the best service possible.  We are looking to offer more innovative products, which are new and unique to the ad specialty market.    

If you would like Ads On Magnets to visit your office, please let us know.  We will see if we can fit a visit into our schedule.  We value your feedback and encourage product ratings.  We work very hard to make every order a pleasant buying experience and want your customers to be extremely happy with their orders.   Ads On Magnets is here for you and we want our partnership to be as easy and stress free as possible.    

The months following our early year tradeshows were filled with sending out samples and keeping up with new orders. By July we were gearing up for ASI Chicago. While the tradeshows last a few days, the preparation that we do is months of work. We have to design our booth or table based on the size of our location and the turnout expected for each show. It is also important that we update our booth design over the year and we are always brainstorming on new ways to attract visitors and, more importantly, bring them into the booth to interact with our products.  

In September we attended the Rocky Mountain Region show at our football stadium and connected with some local distributors. It was also our first year to attend the PPAI Product Responsibility Summit. Although we have been Product Safety Aware since PPAI introduced the program, it was great to attend these classes in person and continue to have product safety as a defining tenet of our company. 

            We have also received important recognition and prestigious awards in various categories. From our PPAI Best Places to Work Award, to Best Boss 2017 awarded to our own Steve Brown, we are encouraged by these honors and are proud of our accomplishments and dedication to our growing company.   

            October and November saw the start of our work on our new 2018 catalog. Like our tradeshow booth, we are excited to redesign our catalog to optimally showcase returning items as well as our many new products.  

            We end the year looking back at all we’ve done, the changes we’ve made to be a better supplier, and the payoffs we’ve seen from our hard work. We look now to the future, to the year ahead and further, setting goals for our company as our vision for Ads On Magnets continues to adapt and evolve. 


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