The Business Card that Really Takes Hold

  • Apr 16, 2019

When it comes to choosing a business card that will increase your company’s visibility and make a lasting impression, there is no better or more functional option than a magnetic business card. Upgrading your business card in this way allows your customers and prospects to keep your information continuously visible, rather than hidden away in a drawer or wallet. While magnetic business cards allow your contact information to be constantly visible and accessible on a fridge, filing cabinet, or other common ferrous surface, the functionality doesn’t have to stop there! Ads On Magnets also offers a one-of-a-kind magnetic business card with a clip! You won’t find this unique design or unmatched strength anywhere else in the industry!  


Here at Ads On Magnets, we believe that it’s worth making everyday products strong, unique, and functional, and our FMC11 is no exception. We took our tried and true magnetic business card and added a small clip that can hold more than you think! It can easily hold a grocery list, appointment reminder, or monthly school schedule, but the clip is so strong that it can effortlessly hold up to four of our 23-page glossy catalogs. The clip on its own would never be able to pull this off, but simply attaching the clip to our 30mil magnet gives it the strength that is only found in an Ads On Magnets product!


FMC11 Holding 4 Catalogs


When a company gives out their business card, they often also provide clients with some additional paperwork. Leasing offices and home builders include folders of floorplans and pricing, landscape and home improvement contractors provide detailed quotes, and, of course, promotional product distributors give out their full catalogs. Why not combine these materials for the client to keep all of this information handy, organized, and visible? Many companies who give out additional marketing materials often use bulky folders with their business card tucked away and unseen inside. Rather than getting lost in a pile of papers, paperwork and contact information now stays organized and readily available with this multi-purpose magnetic business card. 



Customers also like to have a functional and retainable promotional piece for which they can find a use in their home or office. According to SAGE, “77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it”.Even if your company doesn’t have additional materials to go with this product, we all know that everyone has miscellaneous papers or photos that they’d like to hang on their fridge or filing cabinet, and your distinctive business card could be the product that they use and see multiple times a day!



As a magnet company, we know the value of products with a purpose. We also know the importance of reliable and quality items. That’s why we develop and test products that have new and unique applications while always maintaining our trusted magnetic strength and high-grade full color print. The design of a business card is a direct reflection of the company, but we aim to make the form and function of your business card just as important and exceptionally impressive.