The EMT Helper

  • May 15, 2019


While all of our products are strong, unique, and functional, we are proud to develop and offer items whose magnetic properties also make them life-saving safety tools. Our Emergency Information Magnet, sometimes called the File of Life Magnet (Item# FOL), has a distinct place in the medical field as a simple, yet vital product that can assist at-risk individuals in quickly and non-verbally communicating their medical information to first responders. Time is of the essence during an emergency, and since EMTs are familiar with these cards, often found on the fridge, they can quickly use the information to help the victim.   



Standard artwork shown on the back of insert card. 


This customizable product is comprised of a 4”x6” flexible magnetic pocket and a full color two-sided card that is printed with fillable fields, such as blood type, medical conditions, allergies, primary care provider, and emergency contact information. This information is critical to first responders, especially if the individual is unable to communicate at the time. Ideal for assisted living facilities, hospitals, family practices, pharmacies, or for giveaways at health fairs, this magnet has more detailed information than a medical bracelet and can be updated as needed. 


Standard artwork shown on front of insert card with personalized logo/company name.


While most clients select the standard artwork of the red front and templated back, branded with the customer’s logo and contact information, both sides of the insert card are fully customizable at no additional cost. The product is shipped with the card already inserted into the magnetic pocket, making giveaways and subsequent shipments quick and easy. Step-by-step instructions for the end-user are also included on the back of the cards. 


The Emergency Information Card is the EMT Helper as it assists first responders in quickly assessing an emergency situation by having life-saving information at their fingertips. Simply putting a magnet on your fridge can now give you great peace of mind and will provide first responders with medical information at a glance when every moment counts.  


If you are interested in this product or would like to learn more, please call our customer service team or send us a sample request.

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