Twice as Nice, Double the Impression!

  • Jun 6, 2018


Our 2-Color Hold Everything Magnet (CB60PCH) is a new product for 2018 and is printable on both sides. Pricing includes variable artwork on either side, giving customers flexibility with the ability to print their logo and company information. With 21 different color combinations, this impressive item brings new meaning to the term “customizable”. We all know how important colors are when it comes to logos, schools, or sports, so when the product itself showcases those colors, the entire piece reflects the brand, rather than just the printed logo. The two-sided imprint allows a large logo on one side and contact information, event commemoration, or a campaign message on the other.

Case Study

One of our distributors contacted us and explained that they had a customer in the oil and gas industry who was looking for a unique magnet to hold their maps. The problem they were facing was that they were having trouble fitting their large logo and contact information to fit the imprint area of the one-sided Hold Everything Magnet. We immediately suggested our 2-sided option so that they could print their logo on one side and have their contact information legibly printed on the other. Instead of trying to fit this information on a single-sided image area and compromising the clarity of their message, they were happy to have more room for their detailed logo and print their phone number and website with plenty of space on the other. We also informed them of the dual color capabilities of this magnet and the client chose to have one side blue and the other white to complement their logo.

From political campaigns to trade show giveaways, the uses for this product are endless! Since it is based on our bestselling Hold Everything Magnet it is sure to “wow” your client and their potential end-user! Not only does the product allow for a pop of color and clear imprint, but its strong internal magnet makes it practical as well!

Don’t forget to use our virtual sample tool (click here for tutorial) to see what your customer’s logo looks like on all 6 colors!