Virtual Sample Tutorial

  • Sep 8, 2017

Your customer has the idea, you have the artwork, and we have the easy-to-use virtual sample tool that brings the two together! Simply upload a logo and see it on all of our products, including all color options. Send these customized mock-ups to your customer and seal the deal! Follow these simple steps to let your clients see their artwork on the product and let the inspiration do the rest!

Use our product menu to browse and choose the product for which you would like to create a virtual sample.

Once you are on the product listing page, you will see the link "Create Virtual Sample" under the image. Click on this to open the virtual sample window.

Now that the virtual sample window is open, you will see the color options on the bottom, click the arrow to display more color options. You will also see the "Upload Logo" link. Click on this to choose a file saved on your computer. If the image has a background, the virtual sample tool will automatically remove that background so you can see how the logo will look directly printed on the product. If you are creating a virtual sample on one of our domed products, simply add a color background by clicking "Add Shape" to act as the domed decal background.

Once you have uploaded your logo, you can move and rotate the image to fit on the product. Use the top square to rotate and corner squares to resize without distorting the image. Our product images are often on an angle so you can use the "Skew" button to make the logo match the photo angle. This is an optional feature and is not required to make a great mock-up.

After you have uploaded and positioned your logo, you may be done with your virtual sample, but we have other tools if you'd like to add to it. Click the "Add Text" link to type your own text such as a name for a name badge or to add a phone number or website under the logo. Simply type the text, choose the alignment (left, center, etc.), and color. Move and rotate the text on the product to the desired location.

Don't forget to try your logo and design on different colors! No need to start over, just click on another color on the bottom scroll bar!

It's just that easy! This convenient tool allows you to customize our products before even placing an order! Spark ideas, brainstorm with your client, and give them great visual options!

Questions? Call or email us! We'd be happy to assist!

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